As a distinguished systems integrator and a proud partner of Ciena in the UAE, ITQAN is thrilled to spotlight Ciena’s revolutionary step in the field of coherent optics: the introduction of the pioneering WaveLogic 6 (WL6). By steadfastly steering the industry towards innovative shores, Ciena once again demonstrates its commitment to breakthrough technologies, reinforcing its position at the forefront of optical innovation.

Ciena’s latest generation of its renowned WaveLogic technology is meticulously designed to meet the high-capacity transport requisites pivotal for next-generation routing data paths and associated wholesale services. Notably, WL6 will support up to a monumental 1.6Tb/s single-carrier wavelengths for metro ROADM deployments, 800Gb/s over the most extensive links, and energy-efficient 800G pluggables across 1000km distances.

WaveLogic 6: A Beacon of Performance and Efficiency

ITQAN, synonymous with technological ‘perfection’ in Arabic, is keen to highlight the industry-first performance milestones achieved with the sixth generation of WaveLogic. These have been facilitated through Ciena’s unparalleled expertise in coherent DSP and high-bandwidth electro-optics, utilizing the most sophisticated 3nm silicon technology to yet again elevate the benchmark in optical innovation.

In the spotlight are two remarkable offerings:

  • WaveLogic 6 Extreme (WL6e): Integrating new coherent DSP innovations, WL6e ensures the highest capacity over fiber, supporting up to 1.6Tb/s single-carrier wavelengths for metro ROADM networks, 800Gb/s across extensive links, and a 15% boost in spectral efficiency compared to its predecessor. Delivering significant economic benefits, WL6e assures a 50% reduction in space and power per bit compared to Ciena’s present 800G technology.
  • WaveLogic 6 Nano (WL6n): Tailoring to 400G-800G coherent pluggables, WL6n powers efficiencies in 400G long-haul and 800G metro/regional applications, including interoperable 800ZR DCI applications. Moreover, Ciena’s engineering prowess enables WL6n to deliver a fit-for-purpose 800LR design, introducing coherent technology within the data center campus for the first time.

Sustainability Meets Capacity

With an esteemed history in technology innovation, Ciena has persistently aimed to empower service providers to accomplish more with less – utilizing less power, space, and cost. ITQAN, recognizing the imperative of sustainable solutions, appreciates Ciena’s dedication to reducing Watts/Gbps by over 85% for its customers since WaveLogic’s introduction in 2008, while simultaneously amplifying capacity over fiber by 20 times.

A Future-Forward Path with WaveLogic 6

As ITQAN continuously endeavors to elevate the technological landscape in various sectors across the UAE, the introduction of WaveLogic 6 provides a path to align with our ongoing network evolution plans and climate goals. By harnessing the most reliable, energy-efficient, and fastest connections possible, we anticipate co-creating solutions that not only enhance the network performance of our esteemed clients but also contribute to a sustainable technological future.

Available from the first half of 2024, WL6 is anticipated to offer an evolution pathway necessary to meet the burgeoning network and business prerequisites of the present and future, responding adeptly to the industry’s dual challenge of satiating the relentless bandwidth demand while reducing energy utilization.

ITQAN, alongside Ciena, is excited to journey through this technological advancement, offering our clients in the UAE innovative, high-performing, and energy-efficient network solutions.

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