ITQAN vision of Health, Safety and Environmental sustainability is shaped by our values of integrity, vision and mission, commitment and outperformance to ensure that
  • No person should suffer injury or illness as a result of our operations and products.
  • Prevention of environment and Identification of applicable environmental aspects and impacts to sustain the environmental resources through adopting environmental and energy efficient technology and process improvements to prevent pollution and waste.
  • Minimal environmental impact arising from our activities, products and services.
  • Identification of applicable HSE risk and opportunities and elimination of HSE hazard and reduction of risk associated with ITQAN activities.
  • Compliance with applicable national, local laws & legislation, international standards and agreements.
  • Establish measurable objectives and monitor HSE performance and targets periodically through audit and inspections and other monitoring activities.
  • Appropriate resources are available to ensure that ITQAN employees, subcontractors and other stakeholders are aware of their roles and responsibilities for HSE.
  • Promote a positive HSE culture within our organization through effective communication, participation and consultation with employees.
  • Support our customers HSE policy and ensure our compliance with the same.
  • ITQAN is committed to the continual improvement of its HSE management system to ensure that the best practices are implemented and to enhance HSE performance.
The commitment and adherence to this policy is the responsibility of all Management, employees and subcontractors.  

Feras Al Jabi
General Manager