Accelerate Your Zero Government Bureaucracy Objectives with Automation Anywhere Solutions​

As the UAE Government embarks on the ambitious Zero Government Bureaucracy (ZGB) Programme, aimed at revolutionizing government services through the elimination of redundant procedures and streamlining administrative processes, ITQAN is at the forefront, offering cutting-edge solutions to ensure your entity not only meets but exceeds the ZGB objectives.

Key Objectives of the ZGB Program

Eliminate redundant government procedures and requirements.

Simplify administrative processes.

Cancel a minimum of 2,000 government measures.

Halve the time required for procedures.

Remove all unnecessary bureaucracy by the end of 2024.

How Automation Anywhere Intelligent Automation Solution Can Help:

Automating Repetitive Tasks

Automation Anywhere IA can automate routine, rule-based tasks, allowing government entities to divert resources towards more value-added activities while significantly reducing the time and effort required for administrative processes.

Accelerating Service Delivery

By deploying Automation Anywhere IA, government entities can streamline workflows, eliminate bottlenecks, and expedite service delivery, thereby meeting the ZGB Program’s objective of cutting the time required for procedures.

Enhancing Process Efficiency

Automation Anywhere IA simplifies and accelerates government processes by consolidating procedures and eliminating unnecessary steps. By leveraging AI and GenAI, it optimizes workflows and decision-making for greater efficiency.

Why Choose ITQAN and Automation Anywhere?

  1. Cost Savings: Significant reduction in operational expenses through automation.
  2. Accuracy & Compliance: Minimized human error ensures accuracy and adherence to regulations.
  3. Enhanced Citizen Experience: Improved service efficiency translates to greater citizen satisfaction and trust.

The UAE’s ZGB Programme is not just a mandate for change but a step towards global leadership in government efficiency. Let ITQAN and Automation Anywhere guide your entity through this transformative journey, setting new standards for excellence and innovation in public service delivery.

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