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Services & Solutions

Information Infrastructure Solutions

Information Infrastructure Solutions (IIS) of ITQAN provides technical expertise, solutions and wide range of IT & Converged Systems Integration technologies.

Application Implementation Services

This Business Unit of ITQAN provides solutions in terms of enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and learning management systems.

Optical Networks

Optical Networks of ITQAN offers Telecommunication Systems Solutions. ON adapts the latest technologies to present several services.

Integrated Security Solutions

ITQAN ISS Division is a leading Systems Integrator dedicated for protecting people, property, infrastructure, and clients' high value assets by integrating new and novel technologies.

Data Center

Our mission ITQAN is to provide top quality technological DC infrastructure.

Managed Services

ITQAN has the capability to provide skilled IT professional to fulfill requirements of professional and technical support services. Based upon the complexity of the requirements, we allocate the optimal competencies to match the solutions’ functionality, investment and the technologies used.

Project Management Office

The Project Management Office of ITQAN is the governing authority that is responsible of delivering the awarded contracts and orders.

ITQAN Partners

ITQAN is leveraging its history of working with multiple vendors and platforms to assess the marketplace and select best-in-class technologies for itself and its clients. More importantly, ITQAN is looking towards the future and identifying specific technologies and business partners that will competitively differentiate its portfolio.